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Experienced Former DUI Prosecutors: Our Phoenix DUI attorneys are ready to help you with any DUI case in Arizona. If you simply have questions about the DUI process, we will walk you through it step by step. Our DUI lawyers can advise you how the recent changes to Arizona laws may affect you. From jail time to license suspensions, we can help you better understand the process. We understand that you want answers and not sales pitches. We promise to listen closely to your concerns and give you honest answers.

We Explain How DUI Court Works: When you call our firm of DUI Lawyers we will explain what happens at your first court appearance. We can tell you how to request a MVD hearing to prevent your license from being suspended. We can also discuss with you how we fight DUI cases. For example, were your Constitutional rights violated? Were you denied the right to speak with a DUI lawyer? Was there a legal basis to pull your vehicle over? These are all issues that we can examine, right over the phone or in our office.

Affordable Fees and Payment Plans: We pride ourselves in offering affordable fees and payment plans to those charged with DUI in Arizona. We believe that everyone deserves excellent and aggressive representation. We never charge extra legal fees for DUI trials because we want to give you every opportunity to win your case. Our DUI attorneys always fight to win. Our firm has a long track record of winning DUI cases in Phoenix and across Arizona. We aggressively defend DUIs and look for ways to win even the toughest cases.

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