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First Steps to Take After You Are Charged with DUI in Glendale, Arizona

The first thing on the minds of most people accused of DUI is “what do I do now?” Hopefully, you never find yourself in that situation, but if you do, here are some important steps to consider right away.

  1. An important first step is to locate a highly qualified, reputable Glendale DUI attorney with extensive experience in defending clients charged with DUI. Make sure your attorney is well familiar and up to date with all the current Arizona DUI laws. Also, be certain that the attorney knows how to analyze a case for weakness in the police report, and has a high rate of success for defending their clients to have charged either dropped or significantly reduced.
  2. A second step that is often overlooked is to pay to have your vehicle removed from the impound lot that it was towed to after your arrest (although not every vehicle is towed). Many DUI recipients are so overwhelmed by the serious charges they face that they completely forget to retrieve their vehicle from the impound site, leading to a huge expense. If you’re license has been immediately suspended following your arrest, you will need to have a friend or relative go do this for you.
  3. Another important suggestion is that you write down every detail you remember about the situation and circumstances that led to your arrest while it is still relatively fresh in your mind. This will help you when you meet with your attorney in giving him/her as many detailed facts as possible.

Glendale DUI Enforcement



Glendale, Arizona is home to both the Arizona Cardinals and the Phoenix Coyotes. As such, Glendale police officers are constantly patrolling for people who have attended Cardinal and Coyotes games and might be driving under the influence of alcohol. Because the police know that so many fans have pre and post-game tailgate parties, consume drinks during the game and at local bars afterwards, they are especially vigilant for these fans. They are waiting for you to make even the slightest roadway infraction to pull you over and initiate their DUI investigation. Fair or not, this is the reality in Glendale.

Fighting My Case Is Useless… Right?

WRONG! Officers rush through their investigations and commit many errors that can be challenged in court. Also, the machines that test a person’s blood alcohol concentration – whether the breath or blood is being tested – can be inaccurate. Our experienced Glendale DUI attorneys are highly trained and experienced in knowing exactly what to look for to win your case. We can review calibration records as well as records from the actual test to determine if the blood or breath results are accurate and reliable.



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